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Adjudicator for 2013 - Pro. Julia Amada Kruger Julia

Julia Amada Kruger, Vice-President of the ACM, is chair of International Development, Dean of Curriculum, and Program Director for musical programs established for the NGPT. She has published 6 volumes of teaching literature and is a featured writer for PIANO GUILD NOTES where she reviews new repertoire from 94 publishers. Ms. Kruger is an international guest lecturer/teacher throughout the US as well as Russia, Argentina, Taiwan, Kosovo, Albania, Italy, Canada, Ireland, England and Mexico. She has served on the faculty for the International Institute for Young Musicians USA and the Instituo Musical e Nicola Vaccaj Tolentino, Italy. She is professor-in residence for the European summer performance festival, “Resonant Thoughts” in Cepina, Italy. Ms. Kruger adjudicates nationally/internationally (Russia, Ukraine, Sicily) and performs yearly concert tours throughout the world (Russia, Italy, Kosovo, Albania, United States) with her partner, Prof. Victor Bunin of Moscow, Russia. The duo/duet team have worked closely with international organizations (UNESCO, United Nations) in bring Russian/American music to areas devastated by war and/or economy.

Although Professor Victor Bunin and Julia Amada Kruger have judged many international piano competitions together in the past ten years, their union as a duo/due team began in 2002 and already they are in constant demand both in the US, Russia and Europe. They have performed extensively across the United States and in June of 2005 were invited by the United Nations in Kosovo to present a “Week of Music” for the entire country/region. For the first time since the war ended over 10 years ago, the Bunin/Kruger team were welcomed as musical ambassadors to the war devastated country and presented daily Master Classes as well as nightly concerts (both duet as well as concerti with orchestra) for students and teachers from over 5 countries in the region, including Albania and Serbia. Their concerts, master classes and television shows received acclaim across Europe. As a result, they were invited by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania to be the Guest Artists performing for the European Cultural Summit in Tirana, Albania in November, 2006. While in Tirana, the Kruger/Bunin team performed for 18 Foreign Ministers, 1000 European political delegates, and over 130 European journalists. Performances in Albania included a performance with the Albanian Symphony Orchestra as well as a private concert for the Foreign Ministers. The team also presented several days of master classes for young pianists from Albania during the monumental musical week.

The Bunin/Kruger team continues to receive multiple international performance invitations. In August, 2005, Bunin and Kruger were the Performing Guest Artists at the renowned Instituto Musicale Nicola Vaccaj in Tolentino, Italy where they performed as well as taught daily classes in performance techniques. Response to their tutelage was so positive that they were asked to return as full professors at the Tolentino festival the summer of 2006. In April of 2006, the Bunin/Kruger duo performed in Carnegie Hall (New York City) and have been invited to teach at the National University in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the near future. In September/October, 2006, Kruger and Bunin traveled to Kislovodsk, Russia and the Western Caucus of Georgia (Russia) where they were the Guest Artists performing Mozart’s two-piano concerto in E-flat, K365 with the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia under the baton of renowned conductor, Leonid Shulman In January, 2007, the Bunin/Kruger duo team started their 2007 US tour by performing the Inaugural Concert at the International Duo Competition Awards Concert in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Following this concert, they then presented concerts in many western states in the US, ending with a benefit concert in Austin, TX for CASA. Again in January, 2008 as well as 2009 and 2010, the duo team performed the Inaugural Concert at the Broadmoor Hotel for the United States International Duo Competition. In the summer of 2008, the Bunin/Kruger duo team were invited to be the “professors-in-residence” at a new “Resonant Thoughts International Performance Festival” held in Cepina/Bormio, Italy. The festival attracted students from the United States, Europe and Russia and will be held yearly with Bunin/Kruger as the permanent guest artists/professors. They returned in July of 2009 and 2010, continuing their work with international students interested in the intense performance opportunities offered by the Italian Festival. Both Kruger and Bunin chaired the 2010 Performance Festival in Cepina, Italy, which also hosted the International Valdisotto Piano Competition. The Kruger/Bunin team also performed in 2010 for the sister city of Cervia, Italy and will be returning yearly to present concerts and master classes. Besides performing and judging together, Kruger and Bunin have been asked by Russian musicians to organize a yearly “Russian/American” Piano competition. The first competition will be held in Moscow, Russia and will then alternate locations with the second held in the United States. They have also been invited to create the first International Duo/Duet summer festival in Italy which will be the first European festival devoted to the study of ensembles. In addition, the duo team has received an invitation to record a series of CD’s devoted to Russian duo/duet repertoire. The Kruger/Bunin duo team began their 2009 Performance Tour in the western states of the United States as well as performances in Sitka and Kodiak Island Alaska. Performances in 2009 will also included concerts in Moscow, Russia and Buenos Aries Argentina. In June of 2009, the duo team were the Guest Artists for the new International Music Festival to be held in Albania (sponsored by the UNESCO foundation). They presented the “closing” concert for the Festival in Tirana, Albania and performed a second concert at the University Kristal in Tirana. Included on this trip was also an interview for European TV as well as Public Radio, and their concerts will be formatted for a special European television show similar to the Public Television broadcasts in the US. In October, 2009, the Kruger/Bunin duo team presented two concerts in Moscow, Russia one at the famed Romansaida Concert Hall in Moscow and the second concert at the School of the Arts in Zhukovsky, Russia.

Although Ms. Kruger holds a full-time position as Vice-President of the ACM, she also maintains a private piano studio of 44 weekly students. Who students compete nationally/internationally. Many of these students have won national and international competitions and performed in Carnegie Hall and Steinway Hall and as well as on “From The Top. Her studio received international recognition with front page coverage in the Wall Street Journal and has been honored yearly since 2001 for the “encouragement of musical achievement for young pianists” by the DeBose National Piano Competition. Students from the Kruger studio have been accepted for collegiate study at astman School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Peabody Conservatory of Music, New England Conservatory of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Northwestern School of Music. Ms. Kruger was chosen Outstanding Pre-Collegiate Teacher of the Year in Austin, Texas for the 1995-1996 season as well as the 2001-2002 season. For the 2001-2002 season, the Texas Music Teachers Association also voted her the most “Outstanding Pre-Collegiate Teacher in the State of Texas” and in 2010 Ms. Kruger was voted “Teacher of the Year.” She has been the “pedagogical” guest lecturer at the International Pedagogy Conference as well as in over 10 foreign countries and has established a “Children-for-Children” program where students from her studio work with the less privileged children in the United States and foreign countries. In December, 2003, Julia conducted the “Handshake Over the Ocean: Moscow, Russia/Texas” project in Russia. The project included Pedagogical Seminars, Master Classes in Moscow, Klin, and Mytischi, “Round Table” discussions regarding “Common Features and Distinctions between American and Russian Music Education Systems,” an “American Composers Competition” and a lecture on “Teaching American Music.” The 6-day program was sponsored by the Moscow Region Government Cultural Ministry and included teachers and students from Conservatories, Musical Colleges, and private “children” Music Schools. Julia was also the VIP who was invited with the Moscow Region governor and several governmental officials to attend the Cultural Ministry Music College and Schools concert in the Kremlin Palace Concert Hall.