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The American College of Musicians (National Guild of Piano Teachers) is the largest non-profit educational organization in the world.  Established in 1929 by Dr. Irl Allison, Sr., the college provides auditions for over 100,000 students world-wide and also sponsors a yearly international composition competition. The American College of Musicians maintains a Judging Faculty of over 2.000 adjudicators who judge auditions world-wide. Judges are chosen for this prestigious honor based on their teaching experience with students of all ages and levels of musical difficulty.

Guild Auditions provide definite goals and awards for students of ALL ages and ALL levels of
ability-----for the very, very young and inexperienced (age 3 and above), to the prodigy (any age), to high school students of all levels, to the college student and to the Young Artist (post graduate). There is a performance program for EVERY student! These "goals" provide superb "direction" for each student's music study as well as an honest measurement for progress. The judging reports are meant to encourage students to continue the study of piano.

The National Piano-Playing Audition were founded in 1929 by Irl Allison, Sr., who served as president of the National Guild from 1929-1962.  Irl Allison, Sr. was born April 8, 1896 in Warren, Texas, son of John Van and Mary Cleona.  Having received his Bachelor of arts degree from Baylor University in 1915, he studeied at the Chicago Music College in the summer of 1919 and then at Columbia Univeristy in the summer of 1942 and the University of Ecas in the summer of 1943.  Mr. Allison was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Music in 1947 by the Southwestern conservatory in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Allision received the honorary law degree (LL. D.) from Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, Texas and was awarded the honorary title of Doctor of Music by the Houston conservatory in 1995.  In additiona to his many degrees, Dr. Allison also studied with Rudolph Hoffman, Joseph Evans, Percy Grainger, Ernest Hutcheson, Harold von Mickwitz, and Walter Gilewicz.  Dr. Allson married Jessie Johnson on July 3, 1918 and the couple had four children: Mary, John, Lucile(Mrs. Therl Ockey), and Irl. Jr., who succeeded  Dr. Allson as president of the National Guild.

Dr. All
ison was the Dean of Music at Rusk College, 1918-19, a piano instructor at the Baylor College for Women, 1921-23, the Dean of Fine Arts, Monitezuma College, 1923-27, and the Dean of Music at Hardin-Simmons University, 1927-34.  In addition, Dr. Allision was the president of the National Guild of Piano Tachers and the American College of Musicians.  He was the founder of the Golden Rule Peace Movement and originator of the World Peace programs (radio) in 1948.  Dr. Allison was editor of the Guild year book and the National directory of Piano Teachers, 1936-45, as well as the Student's handbook in 1943 and in 1945 the National Guild of Piano Teachers.  He was also editor Piano Guild Notes from 1951-63, and authored two books: Through The Years and Our George.  Moreover, he ws contributing writer to several newspapers and musical publiscations, and was the compiler and editor of Irl Allison Library in 33 volumes.  Dr. Irl Allision died September 6, 1979.