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The Guild Founder's Plaque is available to all students of members of the National Guild of Piano Teachers (Teacher Division of Amerian College of Musicians).  The purpose of this program is to provide another worthy goal toward which students can work each year.  The Guild Founder's Plaque is awarded students whose Guild Audition program (minimum of 2 pieces) consists "primarily" of repertoire (also Musicianship Phases) listed in the Irl Allison Library.  Piano compositions, U.S.A., The Allison Contemporary Piano Collection, and/or Guild Repertoire books (any edition may be used).  (Students in the Hobbyist classification may also apply for this award.)  Local Winners (2-3 pieces) must program at least 2 pieces from the above listing of books; District Winners (4-6 pieces) must program at least 4 pieces from the above listing; State Winners (7-9 pieces) must program at least 7 piesces from the above listing; National Winners (10-14 pieces) must program at least 10 pieces from the above listing, and International Winners (15-20 pieces) must program at least 15pieces from the above listing of books.  (The number of pieces MUST be the same as the number appearing on the Report Card Stub.)  Students applying for the Founder's Plaque must receive a minimum of 5 more C's than A's (hobbyists must program at lease 2 piedes and receive at least a "C" grade).  To receive the plaque, teachers must send copies of the Report Card and Stub (showing repertoire programmed, grade received, and judge's signature) to Guild Headqauters.  Medals will be distributed between April 1st and September 10th each year.  See the syllabus for the deadline for submitting photos for publication in Piano Guild Notes.


IMPORTANT RULE: Following Auditions, Early Bach, Advanced Bach, Sonatina, Sonata, and Founder plaque entrants must submit the "Special Plaque Enrollment Card" as well as copies of their Report Cards and stubs to Headquarters (showing the number of C's and A's, compositions programmed, and judge's signeature) to insure all requirements have been met for the special plaques.  Report Cards will be returned with the plaques.