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The ADVANCED BACH MEDAL (plaque) is awarded those pupils of Guild members who perform from memory in the National Piano Playing Auditions an ALL J.S. BACH program consisting of 15 selections, 12 of which must be listed in the Irl Allison Library or Guild Repertoire series.  To qualify, the program must be pre-approved by Headquarters (see postmark deadline) and the performance must be awarded at least 14 more C's than A's.




IMPORTANT RULE: Following Auditions, Early Bach, Advanced Bach, Sonatina, Sonata, and Founder plaque entrants must submit the "Special Plaque Enrollment Card" as well as copies of their Report Cards and stubs to Headquarters (showing the number of C's and A's, compositions programmed, and judge's signeature) to insure all requirements have been met for the special plaques.  Report Cards will be returned with the plaques.